Envelope Calligraphy

Although machine calligraphy is "PERFECT," it lacks the charm, spontaneity and character of beautiful hand-lettering.  So, even if you have chosen a traditional design from the books at your local printer, bridal boutique or card shop, you may still want the special "Herald" that hand-calligraphy provides for your envelopes.  When your guests see the outside... they will already be looking forward to what's inside... and to your wonderful wedding.

If you're in New Jersey, we can easily arrange a drop off.--- Out of state?  The mail is easy and secure!  The only other thing I need (besides a few extra envelopes) is your typed guest lists--- complete with proper and/or preferred forms of address (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr. Rev. Etc.) and, of course, streets and numbers, and correct zip codes.

Prices:  Inner Envelope...............$.75

         Outer Envelope............$1.25

So, if you have a wedding budget for 200 guests, that is roughly 100-125 invites... or $200 - $250 for your envelope calligraphy.

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